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Devils Pleasures

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Troubleman
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
Here we have the VSS minus Sonny (vocals). The three remaining members have put together a dark haunting array of sounds. There is alot less melody than the aforementioned band and they have headed towards a goth sound. This does not upset me but but i don't find it quite so captivating. Enough with comparing it to the VSS.

This stands nicely as a full length although the last four tracks have already been released on vinyl. The second to last track being my favorite. Mainly for the reason it has a quick keyboard melody and aggressive vocals. This album would fit well among the drone-goth-keyboard-pop admirers. This is a long cd, but it does not drag on but is easy to listen to in parts. Such as the first few tracks. Later on listen to the next few. To listen to the whole thing in its entirety has been hard for me since i do not find that one track sticks out but they all are considerably well over mediocre.

This cd also brings to mind the two types of sexy music. There is the cheezy ridiculous b-movie sexy music and this sexy music. It has an atmosphere that reciprocates dark romance. It seems like backgound music to goth romance. All lust no love. Makes it really seem like love is dead. I do not believe this but the Slaves almost convince otherwise.

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