A horrible hack

Starfish TX


Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Trance Syndicate
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
There's a sticker on the front of this that says something a long the lines of "don't confuse us with the English band also called Starfish". Must be quite annoying when you're a little band and coincidences like that crop up. But I digress. And now I digress some more. Its odd packaging time. How about printing the bands name on a piece of tracing paper. Then sticking a picture of what appears to be a really old reel-to-reel tape player on a piece of textured card behind it. Odd.

Best get on with the review.

4 tracks spread across 2 sides here. And quite an intriguing package it is too. 2 instrumentals, and 2 songs that sound wildly different. "Burden" has female vocals which means I now have to follow the reviews guidelines and immediately liken them to other female fronted bands. Its kind of a cross between Scheer and Spillage, with a bit of Scheer's power muddled up with Spillage's vocal style and punky spirit. All in all an enjoyable ride of punky pop with added rock.

Middle two tracks are both instrumentals. This is probably where the Scheer comparison is better served. "Local 506" and "Tom's" both feature some pretty heavy guitar. This comes as a big surprise on the former, as it starts off all meekly and quiet too, before shoving a great big fat Feeder-esque noise down your throat. Come to think of it - doing the slow bit, then the rawk bit is also reminiscent of what Feeder can do. Without words though, both tracks are merely a solid listen.

They save the best till last with "Johnny's Got A Crush On Me", although it does go on a little too long. But in the main, its a rampant distortofest of glammy pop punk. The band known as Jolt are punching me in the face saying "Hey, this sounds a bit like us". Groovy.

Dunno who the band are. Can't remember why the hell I bought this. Hohum.

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