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Broccoli - Starfish


Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Solent
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a 2 track split single put out as the two bands are off on a European tour right now. Be sure to go have a look at them if they stop by in a town near you.

Texas band Starfish contribute "New Editor" which is rather different to the other songs that I have heard by them. Still, every song I have heard by them has been different, so maybe that's not such a big deal. This dispenses with the pop side of the band that was evident on their single that I have, being a more rumbling and slow rock effort which gets quite noisy and shouty at times.


If, like me, the only other Broccoli material you know is their Crackle single, then you might be intially caught of guard by this. Whilst "Chestnut Road" was pacey punk, and had 2 awesome b-sides to go with it, "Defence" is not really a long the lines of any of that material. It takes a slower (but no less impressive), rock direction, with a slight emo sound. Perhaps not the best introduction to the band, as it is not instantly memorable or catchy, but a worthy addition nonetheless. I look forward to hearing their album any day soon.

Well, hardly essential but if, as I assume, the Broccoli track is not on their album, and if you like the band, you'll probably want to get this.

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