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Angora Static


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Lilac Sky - Anomalie
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I recall a few months ago that I listened to an Angora Static mp3 and that I was left summarily unimpressed. Maybe I was in a bad mood, or maybe that MP3 really was not that good. Whatever, this 7" is definitely any good. 4 songs of rather wrought and distraught screamy emo. The recording is pretty scruffy (or my stereo sucks and I should get a new turntable - this is probably the case) and they rely on dark grooves and surges to create a really cool sound that echo's stuff like I, Robot or the Vida Blue (circa the first LP). The vocals are mostly verge of tears screams, and they work really well. The second track has a more jazzy structure to it, hopping about from foot to foot in a hyperactive manner, I like when it explodes into a melody that battles against the messy recording and just about manages to fight it's way through, then it drops down totally and well, it's all over the shop! On side B the band has more of those hidden melodic guitars, amidst the chaos they bury a herky-jerky midwest guitar sound similar to stuff like Managra. It works really well, especially when you listen on headphones and can start to pick out what's going on. Yes. I like this a lot.

co-released by a billion labels: http://www.wild-zero.de http://www.lilacsky.com http://www.anomalierecords.com

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