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Against Me!

…is the Eternal Cowboy

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Reviewed by Graeme Cunningham on Jun 13, 2007
When I heard Against Me! had signed up with Fat for their next record I was gutted. Admit it, you were too. I know Fat isn’t all shitty third rate NoFX clones, but that is it’s niche. Clean cut middle classed California kids, singing about skating and girls. What place have the mighty Against Me! amongst such flaccid company? What if hanging out on the Golf Course with Fat Mike has blunted their political-edge? What if they go the way of Hot Water Music? Lose their beards and lose their power?

All of this was wasted speculation as it happens. “…The Eternal Cowboy” is a fantastic record. Fantastic being an understatement on a par with calling David Ike slightly eccentric. From approximately twenty five seconds into the opener “T.S.R (this shit rules)” when the drums and bass kick in. Through the twenty six minutes or so until “Cavalier Eternal” brings the album to a close. I’m in a happy place. A very happy place.

In this happy place Against Me! dispense their brand of folk-tinged punk rock. If you’re familiar with their work this should grab you immediately. But this isn’t just a carbon copy of “Reinventing Axl Rose”. There’s a little less distortion, perhaps a little more of a country feel in places. “Slurring the rhythms” is an immediate classic, staggering out of the saloon singing “Whoa-ho’s” as it goes. “Rice and Bread” follows in equally legendary fashion. “Unsubstantiated rumors are good enough for me (to base my life upon)” is an impassioned acoustic number with an almost South American feel to it. I could go on and sing the praises of every track on here really, but the sycophancy must stop.

This record will burn itself across your memory like a lorry load of smoked halabenos. Best get practicing your backing vocals for the next tour kids. One and two and three… “…Sing it like you mean it!”

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