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Rough Cuts And Bruises

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Sheepskin
Reviewed by Tony Era on Jun 13, 2007
From what I can tell, apart from the drums this is an all girl band. It also has that all girl band sound they somehow manage to produce far too often for my liking. It's very happy, chirpy pop music and I can listen to it with no problem yet it raises no hairs on my neck. I don’t like the vocals and there ain’t much on offer.

It has that 90’s sound where everyone went chirpy just before they got edgy. These miss out the edge and come across as nothing more than just another band. I really don’t know how bands like these can write songs and go “yeah its amazing”. I know it's harsh and I know to be in a band takes a lot of time and effort but at the end of the day when you look past presentation, production, live shows, label, press releases and street teams it all comes down to the songs. And if the songs ain't good then I haven’t got any time for you, sorry.

And once again (and I truly am sick of writing this) please read the reviews policy. If you are gonna take the time and cost of a stamp to send us your music then please take into account what we like to receive. Even lie if you have to but I don’t care if you have airplay or played at Wembley Stadium. Your manager needs to be sacked if he is convincing you things like this work.

And please don’t ever, ever called yourselves “non-conformist” ever again when nothing sets you apart from millions of other shitty bands.

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