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Understand - Jetpak


Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Gravitate
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I'm a bit puzzled about split CD singles - surely they work better as split 7"ers? That way you get a definite divide between the two bands. CD doesn't allow that so easily! Unless you like put a 30 second track 3 in or something...

Right. Understand first. From what I know, they used to be on East West. A band like this on East West? That label had it's head screwed on right at one point, but totally lost the plot somewhere a long the line when it fucked things up for the likes of this lot, the Wildhearts and Baby Chaos. I saw Understand just over a year ago, and had my pants bored off by them. Figure that as being because I just hadn't been exposed to enough good music by that point. The two tracks they donate here are damn fine. Two jolts of mid paced, melodic hardcore with sung vocals. I haven't got many points of reference for this sort of thing. Does remind me a bit of some of the Revelation Records bands on the #50 compilation - the newer stuff, rather than the 80's sXe bands mind!

Jetpak, on the other hand, I have liked since I got their debut 7". But what is this? A new band? You can tell they've been hanging out with some cool people. First effort, "Saviour" is really driving and a truly delicious slice of sorta emotional melodic hardcore. The guitars really power it a long and cut in and out. Good use of mixing pace as well. I can just about see how they got from the poppier 7" to this, but only just. Cool. Other song, "Fahrenheit and Celsius" is slower and a little more pop. Mainly it is just plain awesome. Has a kind of epic Texas Is The Reason feel to it, the chorus will totally knock you out. Spectacular.

All power to Jetpak. Add them to Sunfactor and Spy vs Spy in the list of fledgling Brit bands who might not ever be seen to grab national attention, but at least they can have the scant consolation that I'll still love them.

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