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A Short History Of Houses

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Unlabel
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
I have to begin this review by stating a rather monumental thing. I bought a record by a British band. Wow. The last two that come to mind are Mogwai and Spy versus Spy, two excellent cds i might add, but that was a while ago.

The first time i listened to this was on a fairly long train journey and it really suited the way the train whizzes along past buildings and trees so blissfully. The music is generally slow, but every now and again picks up pace to a fugazi-like minimalist post hardcore feel, with incredibly strange drumming and huanting vocals. sometimes the guitar and bass is quiet and peaceful, and hardly there at all, and then it goes all noisy and loud in a very lo fi manner, a lot like Slint did. There is generally a very experimental feel to the album, something which is so nice to see considering the very over produced sound being made by many bands. If you like Slint, Fugazi or Mogwai you will love this. Trust me. Please.

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