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Urban Hunter Gatherer (Demo)

Year Released: 1999
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Another up and coming UK band that you're going to be hearing a lot more of. At least, I hope I do. This four track demo mixes up some great emo styles without sounding contrived, and without ripping off Sunny Day at any point. Hurrah! There's certainly some fairly mental emo hardcore, but they aren't averse to bringing in more subtle or melodic sections either.

Things start off on a particularly heavy and brutal note, chugalug metally hardcore that loses it's weight as it develops, bringing in the more twinklesome guitars that all the best emo bands liberally sprinkle amongst the general destruction they otherwise create. Introduce some Christie Front Drive elements to a band like the Swarm (hard to imagine I know), and you got the instrumental marvel that is "the urban hunter gatherers (UFO above Wickham)". And they carry over the more abrasive elements to "The Burning Orange Embers Of Our Weapons", starting off as screamo and monsterous, which is the direction for most of the song. Apart from the small break where it goes all Cap'n Jazz punk with off-key vocals. "Kismet" is the most regular song on here, imagine a heavier, faster Texas is the Reason style epic length song with all sorts of optional extras brought to the table. Vocals are lost amidst the turmoil, but hey, this is a demo after all. You also gotta love it when they slow the song down and get all indie emo on you, sprinkling in a couple of guitar FX for good measure. Finally we have "An Annualist's Journey" which starts off really quickfire and jumpy, back in that Cap'n Jazz sorta surroundings. It's another instrumental, and works in other elements too, there's a lovely, dischordant, jangly section, before going rampant and crazy again, dissolving into a flail of guitars and strange noises. I hope at this point the band all fall down.

Ok, so the recording quality isn't at it's best, but apart from that, you can't fault it. From the lovely tape inlay design to the thunderous music, it's all good. I have to say that this is one of the more interesting demo tapes I've heard since we started Collective. Waterfall - fighting against the tide of the every day generic band. Good on yers!

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