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17 october 1984

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Nova
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
i'm not big on hardcore, but under the influences of Andy (i bought the Twelve Hour Turn because of him,its pretty good) and my metal hardcore liking flatmateand fellow bandmember, i've started, well, not getting intoit, but appreciating it. after seeing Yage (that's pronounced "Yargger," not "Yayge," i found out after an embarrasing moment while buying the CD from their bassplayer at a gig) play live i was blown away so i took a brave step and bought it.

i guess the best (easiest anyway) comparison is Planes Mistaken For Stars, but the heavy bits are moreaggressive and chaotic (whereas PMFS sound like guns n' roses) and the slow quiet bits are slower and quieterand a lot more depressing. the biggest difference between the two is that the vocals are much better, alot more passionate, and unlike PMFS, they don't sound like Krusty The Clown. there's screaming and all the usual stuff, but it seems so much more passionate and emotional rather than screaming just for the sake of it. i also like the combination of English and German lyrics at the same time, though i have no idea why i do.

i guess because im still a wuss, i can't appreciate this album that much. it's too heavy going for me, sometimes it sounds like metal, but i like a lot of the songs, especially the ones with the cool changes like 'difference in between' and 'b side has landed'.

this is definately located on my side of hardcore, but i'm not sure if i'm on the side of hardcore.

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