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Pg.99 - Circle Takes The Square


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: perpetual motion machine
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hmm, this is not as good as the Pg.99 stuff on the split with Majority Rule. I like it when they get all sloppy and frenetic (like on the second track), but the first track sounds more like early Racebannon, with several insane vocalists and lots of bludgeoning, noisy instruments that play a lot of repetition. There is a lot going on at once. It's atmospheric on headphones but I found it to be average overall. Kind of arty and fuck around-y overall, I know Pg.99 is capable of something more interesting than this so I am disappointed. Although if I didn't know that, and I had never heard Racebannon, I would really enjoy it I bet. The second track is short and furious and much more to my liking. Good stuff.

Circle Takes the Square put out a solid little CDEP earlier this year that anyone into frenzied, late 90's screamy emo would appreciate (Portrait etc), and the song on this 7" is as good as anything on there. They have dual boy+girl screamy vocals, and it has a lovely chaotic groove to it, though it does sound a bit thin in places. The vocals really make it, with the guy roaring, and the girl doing desperate screamy stuff. Good combo. Sounds like they utilise a triangle at some point. It's pretty nu-school at times in bringing the crunch much more than the twinkle, but this is really solid and they are one of the best bands in this style that I have heard this year. Relentless and even has squealy feedback. The emo bastards. "T MINUS SEVENTEEN YEARS AND COUNTING!".

If this record were an actual game of chess, Circle takes the Pg.99.

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