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Circle Takes The Square


Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Hyperrealist
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, so this beautifully-packaged cd kicks off with the type of soundbite that was pretty much par for the course a few years back when screamy emo wasn’t quite such a growth market. The kind of crackly spiel featuring some mumblefuck boy or girl tearfully mumbling about how life is too much and how they can’t quite bring themselves to go on any longer. That, thankfully, is where the cliches tend to end, CTTS kicking off with much pomp and ceremony as they dish out their own frenzied take on the whole screamo game. Male and female vocals duke it out, trading evil splutters for desperate, fraught yells while guitars flirt with melody and ultimately decide it’s far more fun to scythe the skin off your face with jagged pieces of broken glass. It's all harrowing and churning for the most part, occasionally subsiding into flowery murmurs and doe-eyed twinkles before swirling away into yet more regimented chaos. The standout track on here would probably have to be ‘In The Nervous Light Of Sunday’ with its delirious multi-vocal blathering and tormented yelps about patches on quilts, a song packed full enough of twists an dturns that even the most ritalin-deprived ADD cases will have to sit still for a couple of minutes and prick up their ears. Smart, sharp and definitely 25 minutes of your time well spent if you're hankering for a band that'll well and truly up the screamo ante.

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