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Death From Above 1979

Heads Up

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Ache
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
So what we have here is a 6 track mini album from Jesse Keeler who maybe better known to you as that guy from Black Cat #13. You can kind of see what created the tussles in that band which I guess ultimately led to its demise. Whereas Mark went on to do the Sick Lipstick which took with it Black Cat’s snotty new wave electronic edge, Jesse has left them with the power of rock tightly held in his little hand, no not like Jeremy Beadle’s little hand. So I must say the first thing I noticed with these songs was how much power and energy they have for a two piece…I guess in the same way bands like Lightning Bolt, or the UK’s Trencher seem to manage it or the way wrestling greats the Legions of Doom did.

Musically this mixes up computer samples with some fast paced heavy rock action, along the lines of bands like the aforementioned Lightning Bolt if you replaced the noise with some trashy melody…the guitar ranges in sound from moments of poppier post hardcore like Pretty Girls Make Graves to being really fucking heavy like Gasp or some band you’d expect to hear on Relapse [well maybe not that heavy but you get the picture!]. Vocally on songs like “Too Much Love” they remind me of Ween on their Pod album, maybe they use similar effects on them? The highlight has to be the bizarre electro Steve Wonder-esque breakdown/outro in “If We Don’t Make IT We’ll Fake It”.

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