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Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Tony Era on Jun 13, 2007
Finally. At last. About time. No not the new Blocko full length coming out, me actually finding a copy to review! My copy got left at a friends house before Christmas and the copy I borrowed went missing for a month! After waiting and waiting with baited breath its finally here. It took ages to make for reasons I wont go into but alas it was all worth it. My only gripe is going here out of the way, I donít like the artwork. It doesnít matter.

This is just sheer melodic punk genius. Long meandering songs with awesome guitars breaks and windy finger patterns. The bass is as excellent as ever and complimets Nijís guitar in a way which cannot be bettered. The drums thump along with grace and precision whether its for build ups or just crashing out in the chorus.

It is true that Blocko have long songs, all fall around the four minute mark and where your average short attention span punker might get bored to me it is just enthralling. The songs plough along and build and build to superb endings with all out crashing symbols and powerchords. And now onto the singing. There is more harmonies on this than their other work but its not done in a cheesy pop-punk way, they are subtle and simply compliment the main lines with ease. But the voice. The fucking voice on this guy is out of this world. I havenít been moved by a punk singer this much since Frankie of Leatherface. If the lyrics were about mowing the lawn or doing the dishes it would still probably move me to tears. Thereís just something about gruff heartfelt singing that I adore, those little lines where a voice can break it can break hearts. It broke mine.

You may have heard the ďmainĒ comparisons before of Leatherface, Broccoli and Hooton 3 Car. I personally agreed before and the bands response was genius and honest. ďIf we sound like those bands its because we listen to them a lot and itís a huge complimentĒ or something like that. Anyway I really think that now Blocko sound like Blocko. They have taken the sound into their own, the influences are still there but now they are themselves and the songwriting has gone into a different league. This is just astonishing stuff especially from a british band that I know put so much into it. They are just special. Of note here is the song ďFibsĒ. This was originally on a 7Ē split with eighty six and was my most played song of last year. If you canít connect with the lyrics you must have a heart of stone. This song helped me so much and continues to do so.

I know a lot has gone on in their private lives as of late and I just wish to say good luck with everything and if they can stay as true to themselves as they do to their music then Iím sure it will work itself out. This album is an honest, passionate and incredible album. Maybe itíll break your heart too.

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