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Outnumbered is Outflanked

Year Released: 2002
Format: LP
Label: Council
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, I've been sitting on this record for a while, and now it's shaped like my arse. I probably made a variation of that joke before. Anyway. What I meant to say is, I have had this record for ages, but I haven't reviewed it. Why? I don't know. It's a great record. I listen to it pretty regularly. But I have never felt in the mood to actually write any words about it. Anyways, at last I have overcome the demon that is laziness, and here I am, sitting at my PC and actually using it to write words. Ok, review.

If you heard these folks demo CDR then you are going to have a jump start here, basically they follow up the style they had going on that demo and put a bit more oomph into things. So it's a bunch of rocking and angular punk stuff that brings to my mind bands like Wire and Mission of Burma but exploding with the awesome energy that bands like Rites of Spring and Current (natch, if you didn't know, they have the Current vocalist - passionate and unique sounding vocals is the order of the day once more) embedded into hardcore. It's all very dynamic and rock solid, the guitars will by turn build up and lurch around and then hurtle into the more 'catchy' or melodic parts of the songs where they get the groove on and I don my dancing, erm, trainers (that's sneakers).

And that's all I wrote. Jeez, I still feel slack. My futile attempts at description really don't do this rather fine record justice, it's one of my favourite LP's of the year and I am letting it down if I babble on any more trying to tell you how it sounds when I am much better at reviewing generic stuff that sounds exactly like 500 other records I own instead of this which sounds so very much alien to my ears. But a nice alien, not like those horrid grey things with the big black eyes who come and kidnap people and do funny experiments on them in their flying saucer. Yeah. You really just ought to buy this.

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