A horrible hack

E150 - Zanussi


Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: La Vida Es Un Mus - Don't Belong - Cruda Realidad
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
Well before I talk about these bands I really have to mention the artwork of this 7". I think it is the most beautiful I have ever seen, I'm not sure if it was just done on the mail order special (on clear vinyl to boot) or is on all copies. Screened black card with red ink and then sealed with a blue wraparound strip of card which is screened with silver ink with all the band/track/label information in English and Japanese. The three labels that released this have really gone to town. There are two huge poster inserts as well, one with the lyrics in Spanish and another with them in English (or I think perhaps these maybe the explanations of the songs I can't quite tell!). It puts 99% of all 7" record sleeves I've seen to shame! The amount of effort put into this must have been incredible, well done Paco.

Anyway down to the bands, I've had the luck to have played with E150 before so I'd heard their blend of Los Crudos-inspired thrash before but as for Zanussi I had heard a lot about them but never actually heard them. E150 knock out 7 songs in probably as many minutes! Fast, pissed off, political it's everything you need from a thrash band what more could you want?! Oh yeah I forgot to mention each band covers one of the others songs, which I always find as an interesting concept for split 7"s. Zanussi do 5 songs of fast harsh hardcore with gut wrenching vocals that you can just tell are shredding his throat to fuck! I guess this would fit pretty well on Prank or a label like that! Fukkin Rokkin!!!

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