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A Days Refrain - Neil Perry


Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Robotic Empire
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ooh, new one on Robotic Empire. Normally I send their scary metal down to Tom Hughes as he doesn't run from the room, screaming and waving his arms in the air like a pansy-ass when he hears that type of music, but this release has Neil Perry on it so I am keeping it for myself. It also comes on cute lil tiny CD, and the packaging and design is gorgeous.

Ok, A Days Refrain is a band I heard of but not heard. I think this is what the kids call screamo! They are wrong, this is what I call stuff. It is kind of like the Assistant in that it is mostly crazy metal, but it also has melodic bits that sound the Get Up Kids. Really, if you are gonna do a melodic part at least don't do cheesey indie rock, do, like, oh, something I prefer! Heh. Anyway, these songs were pretty interesting apart from the cheesy parts of the 2nd song. The 3rd song also has cheesy parts but it didn't bug me as much. So, yeah, overall they do chaotic noisy stuff which is all over the shop, the vocals go AIIIIIIIIIIII and UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, and I bet the guitarists fall over and writhe on the floor whilst doing the complex bits. Overall? This was decent.

Neil Perry has the last 3 songs, and they are still fucking boss. At last NP record some songs that don't sound exactly like everything they have put out since the first 7"! Whatever, I loved all the stuff that sounded the same. So, they have cleaned things up a bit, they are way more emo now! The second song here is too fucking slow to be a real Neil Perry song, but I like this new sound an awful lot. It's like Yaphet Kotto with metal parts or something. I think Neil Perry is about the only metal band I like. Some bits of the 2nd song remind me of Giants Chair which is weird. Whatever, this slays. Awesome.

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