A horrible hack

Glass Candy

Love on a Plate

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Troubleman
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
This is a European press of their last 7” on Troubleman, mine came on lovely pink vinyl but I think the normal version is on clear/yellow and pink splatter, nice! I heard a tape of Glass Candy a few months ago and to tell you the truth I didn’t think too much of it, it seemed too arty making it unlistenable, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this. Bearing that in mind I put the record on and the title track kicked in with its garagey guitars, then the rest of the instruments come in and it’s all rocking away in a Siouxsie and the Banshies style. It brings to mind a lot of those original girl punk bands like Siouxsie or, like Subtonix, the X-Ray Spex. Side B greets us with a cover of “Johnny, Are You Queer?” though I don’t remember by whom. This song is great the intro is like if the Make Up had written the soundtrack to Grease! All in all a lot better than I expected, Release the Bats is definitely a label to keep an eye on from what I hear they are going to be re-releasing the Black Eyes 7”.

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