A horrible hack


Too Cool for School

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Vida Loca
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
Two tracks from Troubleman's latest signings, on lovely clear red vinyl. As the title track kicks in you can immediately hear where this band are coming from. The X-Ray Spex have definitely been a big influence here right down to the saxophone sound, perhaps with some Kathleen Hanna styling next to those Poly Styrene vocals. This track could have been an unreleased song from Germ Free Adolescence. From what I hear these two tracks are from an older session than the new LP, back when Jenny from Erase Errata was still in them so maybe they are a little different these days. The second track is a bit more upbeat edging towards Bikini Kill or Erase Errata but the saxophone will make sure that X-Ray Spex sound is kept well in check! I guess you’ll know if this is gonna be your thing or not!

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