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Blame Game


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Stickfigure - Ex-Space Six
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Scream. Argh. Aiiiiii. Emo riff. Twinkle bits. If you read Collective on a semi-regular basis (thank you), you probably already guessed that I enjoy this record. Sure, it's highly formulaic stuff and it doesn't break down any new boundaries but I am always up for hearing a new 7" of this style ever 3 or 4 weeks because I tend to forget about the ones I already own by then. This is 4 songs of well played, angry sounding noisy stuff that I would liken to bands like Funeral Diner. The vocals are harsh, and they have that driving melodic sound that bounces around ferociously. Every now and again they have moments of serenity, but that is pretty rare. I dunno, I don't get tired of this sort of thing I am afraid! I am listening to many other different things lately but I still will go running back to the screamy guy and his noisy emo friends and give them a big hug on a regular basis.

Worthy of note here is the random packaging. Hand made and that, very nice! I got a card of a Hockey guy called Pat Elias. I vaguely remember him from NHL '99 on my PC. I think I also got this fuckin' weird Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report. At least, I found it on my floor the other day I can't for the life of me work out where else it might have come from. It's a sheet of paper detailing a road accident in Georgia (which is where this band are from), poor old Antonio Davis drove his 1971 Buick into an unoccupied stationary vehicle. Crikey. I also got the lyrics in French and English.

This is the good shit.

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