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Blocko - Eighty Six


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Boss Tuneage - Bombed Out Records
Reviewed by Martin Brown on Jun 13, 2007
A split from two of the finest bands in the UK on two of the finest labels in the UK. Fine, dandy and decidedly warsome!

Beginning the reviewal proceedings, I must congratulate Bombed Out and Boss Tuneage for providing not only a tremendous musical release, but a stonkingly spinky aesthetic record as well. The sleeve is thick cardboard with pink artwork depicting a robot. I was right in suspecting Eighty Six frontman Dr Graham was behind this, obsessed as he is with a) drawing and b) robots.

And it is the robot theme that begins Eighty Six's side of the monstrously thick slab of hubba bubba pink vinyl. A veritable feast of whirrs and buzzes created with Dr Graham's robot toy, Dr Graham's voice and some vast reserve of technical know-how gives way to the intro to '*beep beep*'. A brand new track from the 'Six boys, it's easily the best song they've clocked in to date on the merits of the production job alone. It's quite a simple structure in essence, but with nifty, quirky touches thrown in here and there. It's mid-paced, driving and resplendent with some nifty lyrics. Doc's vocals are the best they've been - tuneful and shouty at the same time, tremendous! - and the roaring axe-wielding is undercut by a rocking yet bouncy and unintrusive bassline from Carl, with a thunderous drum thing that's somewhere between a fill and a solo from James at the end. Fun-core.

Blocko contribute double the amount of songs, and after changing the speed and slapping the stylus southward in a sibilant song seek, the previously unreleased gem 'Fibs' kicks in. It's Blocko's best song to date as well; natty! Brilliant, anthemic Broccoli-core at its absolute best - hear this song. Following this jewel (or 'rock' of some positive description), is 'Aches and Pains', from their highly acclaimed and hot cake selling 'Oimo' EP. Those who own 'Oimo' or have seen them open their set with this know how much this song kicks it, so I won't dwell on it anymore than necessary, however tempting it is to do so.

So, a fine release from a series of stalwarts of the UK punk rock scene. Get your paws on it or miss out on some Bombed Out Boss Tuneage. Word.

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