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Music Is Stupid

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Seriously Groovy
Reviewed by Luke Younger on Jun 13, 2007
After a good solid two years of gigging, and a couple of single releases London based indie rockers Econoline deliver their first full length. If you have been attending gigs of the punk/indie rock variety in London for a while, the chances are you will have seen Econoline approximatley 7890484689 times. 'Music is Stupid' contains pretty much all the songs which they've been playing recently in their set, plus a few of their singles which have been re-recorded. The first thing which struck me about this was how well it is recorded - it seems to have a sound which suits Econoline right down to the ground. It also flows really well, with the songs seemingly being almost too perfectly in position for their own good. I also like the way they have really gone for it, in terms of expanding their sound on this to include bits of cello, glokenspeil (sp?) and organ which enhances the listening experience ten fold. A lot of this reminds me of bands like Built to Spill and Seam, but it also has a huge chunk of poppy punk in it as well - "Missing From Pictures" reminds me of some of the more slower songs on the second Get Up Kids record for instance, and "Buddy Bradley" is total Lapse/Van Pelt worship. Some bits are even comparable to Beezewax! This is an excellent record that I really enjoy listening to, which will appeal to post rock kids, indie kids, and punk kids alike. So as my Uncle Jeremy used to say, give it a listen!

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