A horrible hack


Terminal Ocean

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: SL
Reviewed by Andrew Jadowski on Jun 13, 2007
the sleeve of this cd has hammerhead sharks on it, gliding thru the depth of the ocean. every one knows that hammerhead sharks fuckin' kick ass! but not alot of people know that Degrassi kick ass too. they of course do. i saw them play live in dull old leicester and i fukkin spazzed out, kids! Degrassi are scottish. scottish indie bands rule. they come across live as a more muscular and loud American 'college' rock band a la pavement. but on this cd there is more crammed in, buzzy pretty keyboards, vocal melodies that make me weep and buffeting walls of noise. i really think this band kicks ass. 'emerald city' is the highlight here with its lovely bassline and awesome angular riff fest finale. seek it out and be bettered mo fo!

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