A horrible hack

Black Eyes


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Ruffian
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
From what I hear this band are signing to Dischord and if that does happen they will be easily the best rootinist tootinist band they have worked with in many years, Dischord has had a severe drought in recent years in my books and these could well be the cowboys to get them back on track. Anyway to the matter at hand, the two tracks offered to our sacrificial alter here were recorded at Inner Ear and mix up traditional DC emo a la Rites of Spring but replace some of that balls out aggression/energy with more arty new wave guitars and vocals. Amazingly sparse in sound but used to such great effect, the drum and guitars work so well together here I guess in a similar way to bands like Monorchid or Skull Kontrol would have used them. It’s so nice to hear something that’s really well recorded but still trashy and not over produced. “Shut Up, I Never” adds in some whined vocals and minimalist keyboards. It all reminds me of bands like the Liars, Circus Lupus and even The Selby Tigers but without the pop and a DC edge to it!

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