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The Red Light Sting

We’re The Red Light Sting And Our Love Is Soaking In It!

Year Released: 2002
Format: LP
Label: Sound Virus
Reviewed by Simon Wakusei on Jun 13, 2007
So good old Mikey Ott pulls out the guns again with another all round cool release, from the artwork to the music. The Red Light Sting if you don’t know are many of the kids you may or may not have heard rocking out in DBS many moons ago. These days they are kickin’ it in a more electro new-wave vibe, in the old days this was really in a Camera Obscura (the Troubleman band rather than the horribly twee Scottish indie pop band) or Blood Brothers kinda style but these days there’s a definite progression to their sound perhaps due to Andy’s electronic experimentation in The Epidemic and Secret Mommy or they have bought better keyboards! This 12” of 5 tracks has gotta be worth it for the song titles alone, for example “I Wouldn’t Touch You with a Tampon” or “My Penis Looks Big All Night Long” which includes some great prog style keyboards at the end! I have gotta say, though it probably wont sit with the hip kids, some parts, mainly the vocals I think, do remind me of good At The Drive In, meaning In/Casino/Out era! So if you’re digging the screamed meets wined vocals of bands like the Blood Brothers or Song of Zarathustra, the keyboard-tasticness of Camera Obscura, Le Shok or dare I say it…The Locust and the hipness of Devo I don’t see why you shouldn’t be through to Australia by the time these 5 tracks are over…

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