A horrible hack

Bilge Pump

Let Me Breathe

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Gringo
Reviewed by Luke Younger on Jun 13, 2007
It was with great pleasure in which I took this cd out of it's incredibly sparse packaging, and put it into my cd player to listen to for the first time. Bilge Pump deliver and album of 17 tracks which twists and turns in many ways, whilst being odd but very accessable and listenable at the same time. Some of the lyrics on this are pretty bizarre, like the song about Super Hard Metal Alloy Head and his crazy arms for instance. I always have trouble pinpointing a band which Bilge Pump sound like, but they remind me of bands like Killdozer, Circus Lupus, Minutemen and Rage Against the Machine. So if you want to get a record which is like those bands, but doesn't actually sound indentical to any of them then definatley get this. Awesome record from an awesome UK band.

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