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Bauri - Erik Levander


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Racewillbegin
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I don't know if you are familiar with the uber-hip channel 4 comedy series Spaced (and a glorious show it is too), but right at the end of the 2nd series they wrap things up with a great acoustic-ish, ambient instrumental called "the Staunton Lick" by a band called Lemon Jelly (get the cd comp of their 3 ep's, very good!). And now they are using this music during the golf on BBC2. Very peculiar.

Anyway. That has nothing to do with this review. I just thought I'd mention it. On to this split 7". Bauri is a band that Chris Bress recommended on here not so long ago and I whole-heartedly back his opinion, their "Lakonia" 12" is wonderful stuff, and this single track is pretty good too. Basically Bauri is doing pretty straight forward electronica, the more clickity-clickity, melodic stuff that I tend to enjoy more than the more beats led stuff. This track is a little more upbeat and faster than the 12", it relies on repetition and isn't quite so melodic for the most part though it introduces more melodic elements as it goes a long, feeling almost vaguely dancey at times. I presume I have it on the right speed at 45rpm. Overall this is a decent track but you would be better off getting the 12" first because I think that it's super good.

Erik Levander does the other side and I prefer this track to the Bauri one, it starts off as pretty random melodic electronica with funny noises and crackles and pops and stuff. I really love this kind of thing lately, though preferably a little more ambient than the track on here because it does have some extra jazzy instrumentation on it, but that varies things nicely.

Pretty good 7" for people into this music I guess! Check out Chris' other electronica reviews and get some of that shit if you're interested, he's normally spot on!

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