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Neverending - The Jukebox Scenario


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Lilac Sky
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a benefit 7" put out by a number of labels but sent to me by Lilac Sky. It is for a group called Rote Hilfe, who the booklet says is a left-wing solidarity and protection organisation. So I guess if you are a nazi or something, you probably won't want to buy this record. Just mentioning that early on, so all our nazi readers can save their time. The booklet goes into a lot of detail about the cool posi stuff that the organisation does, including support for political prisoners. The explanations are in a variety of languages too which is a cool thing to see.

Ok! How about the music? I have not heard Neverending before but they fit well with Jukebox, they are playing that same sort of edgy emo / hardcore sound that is comparable to 400 Years or early Engine Down. The vocals are desperate and quite out of breath when sung but they also scream at times. The guitars are melodic and the track builds up as it goes a long, it has a nice mellow / jazzy breakdown part too. Musically it's nothing out of the ordinary for those intently familiar with this style, but they do it well.

Jukebox have been around a while now and have quite a few 7" / splits released that are scattered throughout my collection. I even have their demo tape somewhere?! Anyway, they are also playing that 400 Years style of emo. Vaguely mathy and disjointed with talky-ish vocals. It's all pretty solid stuff and if you've enjoyed them before you'll like this stuff to.!

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