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Tarnished Angels / Leafless Mind

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a pretty nice and inoffensive slice of French indie / pop here, on pastel green vinyl and covering a total of two songs. "Tarnished Angels" is straight-forward strumming and female vocals with some quiet effects in the background that sound like rain falling or the wind? Or someone taking a whizz in the wind. It's very simple and downbeat, with a sad feeling to it. Quite repetetive overall, but nice about it. It's not repetetive in the vein of the 50 year old nonce who sits next to you on the bus and proceeds to talk about his veruca's for the next hour. It's repetetive in the vein of, say, a song that has a simple structure that gets repeated quite a lot. Over on the flip is "Leafless Mind", it is sorta fuzzy indie/pop stuff, it makes me think of bands I would see 3rd on a bill of 5 at the Norwich Ferrbyoat on a WombatWombat night, the beginnings of a beer buzz building, and being at last glad to hear a band that sounded quite good instead of downright diabolical. Nice and straightforward, if nothing out of the ordinary.

If indie/pop is your bag, you should get a real bag, cos stuff will fall out of it, cos it hasn't got like, a bottom or any handles. If indie/pop is what you listen to, I suggest you get this 7" and enjoy it, rather than thinking about your bloody useless bag. Ok?

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