A horrible hack

Kid 606

The Action Packed Mentalist Brings You The Fucking Jams

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Violent Turd
Reviewed by Andrew Jadowski on Jun 13, 2007
My actual hero and adoptive father kid606 delivers a new record! Holy Christ! Do what you have to to own this gem! He’s always threatened to make this kind of album and now he has. Basically its shitloads of mp3’s mashed thru his able laptops and out the other side emerges an explosion of genuine fun, ‘hard ass pimpin beats’ and probable lawsuits. Mp3's the kid slaughters amonst others are black Sabbath, buggles (ask yer dad!), the bangles, radiohead, jay-z, craig david and missy elliot. These mp3's are expertly formed into what can only be described as several happy hardcore style mega mixes laced with white noise and odd bits. It also has his tribute to Bikini Kill with a bitchslappin’ version of ‘rebel girl’. Will satisfy yr hip hop loving friend, your hyperactive brother, Wire magazine reading chinstrokers and pill muchin' psychos everywere. Every home should have one.

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