A horrible hack

Aoki Takamasa


Year Released: 2002
Format: LP
Label: Progressive Form
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
I had a bit of a shock when I played the a-side to this 12". It's a lot more house-y than anything I've heard from Aoki Takamasa before. Repetitive beats that build up and up and up and just sounds too dance for me. It's like the sort of thing a real clubber would listen too (not your average nightclub goer mind) and it isn't doing my aching head any good. Can't think of too much of a reference other than the first Donnacha Costello Cd. The b-side is much better, cool, jazzy electronica with a great beat. This side sounds kind of like a faster DJ Krush with a bit of Metamatics thrown in. It's wicked!

This is a re-issue of an early 12", I'd get the new cd before this because its amazing. Although this is enjoyable for sure.

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