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High Society

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Touch & Go
Reviewed by Andrew Jadowski on Jun 13, 2007
Enon are wonderful, their previous album ‘believo!’ is still one of my fave albums ever!!! Its sexx-rock at its finest! The new long ‘un from said band is a little different. It feels more like a band has recorded it from the beginning. It thrusts out of your speakers with ‘old dominion’ like a horny schoolboy! The ‘found sound’ feel of the last lp has been replaced with more straight forward wonky keyboard bits and robodrumachine hilarity. Only this time with more balls deep rockbastardaction. The high pitch singing is still present as is the deep sexy singing. A new feature of enon is the addition of toko yasuda, her who used to be in the lapse/the van pelt. Her tracks are like audio wet dreams. An extremely tuneful and danceable cd full of ‘perfect moments’ (my thanks to martine mccutcheon). And I manged to review it with out mentioning brainiac…..shit

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