A horrible hack

Boom Bip


Year Released: 2002
Format: 12" EP
Label: Lex
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
This is nice warm electronica-fused hip-hop. I think it's from the Anticon / cLOUDEAD collective and it fucking sounds like it. It's a lot more chilled out though (not droning chillout like on parts of the cLOUDEAD LP - more smooth Boards Of Canada-esque melodic parts...and at times a bit of Soft Cell!) and that's totally cool with me. It's totally what I feel like listening to right now. It's really easy to listen to without and you don't have to concentrate too much whilst you listen to it (like you don't have to with someone like...say Tristeza). If your into the whole trip-hop/electronica thing then I'm sure you'd wanna give this a spin.

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