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NY Metall

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Carcrash
Reviewed by Tom Hughes on Jun 13, 2007
Swedish instrumental hotch-potch fun here, with a lengthy clutch of all-over-the-shop guitary ramblings that brings to mind a less mild-mannered Billy Mahonie, more or less.

Things kick off pretty damn excellently with "Bald Eagles Making Love" (just one in a long line of ever so ribald song titles, bravo), some kind of underwater alien music thing, floaty, lush and super-melodic, kinda like a sleepy Frodus doing Mouse on Mars. Well good.

The next starts up damn fine too, a taut, prickly, ticky clockwork post-rock music box type number, featuring some truly inspired weird guitar playing. As it goes on it loosens up a little, never quite rocking out but losing its sense of texture and tempo and kind of limping to a stop. Indeed, that's the general problem here: some great little ideas done to death, with clearly improvised songs that often go on five or six minutes too long. Bah.

Nevertheless, there's some more highlights to sift out, and it does go all over the place, from spacey, surfy jams, through kooky riffing that got me thinking of some of those great New Zealand indie-psyche-pop type bands, then some Don Cab-esque booming and banging around and, toward the end, at least one quite flagrant (though pretty brief) drum solo. Good stuff then, and in places quite capable of sucking you right in, albeit an experience aided immeasurably by reaching for the skip button every five minutes or so.

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