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Herr K - the Fauves


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Coastal Access - Transgalactic Ladder
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Awesome - I love the fact that there are still obscure emo bands out there doing amazing stuff with this style that almost no-one will get to hear. Because all the best emo records are only ever heard by 7 people right? Until 10 years later everyone (e.g. me) realises that if they pretend to like these old obscure records by bands that split up years ago, they will never fall into the trap of a band they like becoming big and popular and on MTV. Clever eh!

Both bands have really bad recordings, and Herr K kick things off with a messy and splattery track that grooves like a beast and has distorted vocals, intricate parts and oozes le spirito de emo. Indian Summer fucking about with Harriet the Spy in a sandpit, throwing bits of sand at each other. I hope the cat didn't poo in the sandpit. The drumming is immaculate and overall this is a brilliant piece of goodness. They have a picture of a girl with a baseball bat on their side of the insert. Emo. Who the fuck are these guys?

The Fauves takes similar influences and do different things with them. The intro is godlike. It's there, then it disappears, then it comes back again into feedback and a drone before they get on with this super lo-fi piece of spasticity. The vocals are total Indian Summer crybaby stuff, and the guitars just rock out in a splendily out of kilter fashion, bringing to mind Republic of Freedom Fighters. All of a sudden halfway through this song metamorphoses into something rather different though - becoming a spooky instrumental with an eerie jazzy feel added in, before careering into a groovesome finale. Yikes.

Emo lives! I die.

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