A horrible hack

Blood Music


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Promenade
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Promenade Recordings is cool. They send our stupid little zine copies of their obscure releases for review. Which is great! Because they put out good stuff. Blood Music is no exception. Though initially, I was rather confused. I thought it was going to be screamo. Because of the band name. Then I put the needle down and I thought it would be a 7" made up entirely of spoken word. In a language that was not English. Being mono-lingual, I have no idea what language the guy is speaking. And therefore, no idea what they are saying. So I was a little worried that I was going to listen to about 12 minutes of this dude talking and that he was actually saying nasty things about me, because someone had gone to the trouble of pressing a single copy of a 7" on which they called me rude names because I gave them a bad review or something. But then the music starts.

Indeed, the rest of this record is a lot more music oriented. One guy does virtually everything, I think his name is Kari-Jonas Winqvist. Mostly he sings and has additional instruments. For example, a piano. Or what sounds like instruments programmed into some kind of machine. It is very lo-fi and quirky. The little insert explains a few things, for example on one song you can hear music coming from the kitchen which is apparently Sebastien Jalliers "Kazoo 3". Obviously. There is a very weird track called "Come on Billie May", though Kari-Jonas recommends you watch a film called 'Faces' to visualise it. Also, there is a Ramones cover done with just voice and keyboard. It is eerie.

Look, I have no idea really. It's a guy doing stuff. He might be nuts. The label compares it to Jonathan Richman. I really like this record because it sort of unsettles me. Fun!

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