A horrible hack


Soundtrack To A Normal Life

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: liquilab
Reviewed by Andrew Jadowski on Jun 13, 2007
imagine an elephant having sex with a bugdie. because that kind of ungodly chaos is the only thing that i can compare this album (and not in a good way). fuzzy rocking guitars jostle awkwardly up against flutes, reggae style bass, some buzzy keyboard effects and some R+B flavoured drums!!! all this and a vocalist that sounds like early 90's mothers fave Roachford! shit! i made it sound good with that Roachford part! the bit of paper with the cd said that 'baleen have created a genre all their own' well they can bloody well keep it! oh and apparently a 'baleen' is some sort of stomach that a whale has to dissolve plankon. fish-o-rama!

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