A horrible hack

Boxed In


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Crime Scene
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
Aha! A 7" already! If you don't know then Boxed In are basically Sawn Off but with Nick from Ebola and Shot To Fuck singing. I thought they were fucking amazing when I saw them with From Ashes Rise and this 7" is pretty raging too. Mixing up fast thrash and d-beat madness Boxed In come across like a more focused Sawn Off, kind of like Deathreat too as well I suppose. I have to say I preferred this a lot more than the Sawn Off split with Unkind. It sounds British in the same way that Discharge and Health Hazard did. This is a really nice package, the cover looks well nice and it's had a nice printing job too! Gotta say I prefer the faster tracks but that's because I'm a speed demon.

This is the sort of record you wanna put on (considering you've already put Slayer on) before you go out on the town!

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