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Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In Pts I & II

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: secretly canadian
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Racebannon, oh fucking Racebannon. Now here is a band to not rest on their laurels. Their first LP was the scariest piece of wax I ever did hear, and whilst the follow up didn't quite achieve the same fear factor, it did at least develop their sound. And for those unfamiliar with this jaw-dropping band, a brand new 7" on Secretly Canadian will make a great introduction.

Now, I am notoriously unadventurous when it comes to listening to new music, I have no idea if I would go out and buy a record that sounds like how Racebannon sound here. The reason I own this in the first place is that it's by Racebannon, a band who I have never been let down by. They commit to plastic 2 songs of ridiculousness. They make a reviewers 'job' impossible by playing head-fucking music that doesn't fit within the usual spectrum. No longer are they content to play manic screamo, rather they deal some spastic metal/hardcore/rock/noise, with vocals that, erm, are nuts. The voices in your head. Make them go away mummy! "hold out yr hands and take this light. you'll be dark crowned princess. what i can bless you with is only the blink of an eye. i can make the world glow. goddamnit i'm the devil boy!"

They throw in extra noises and vary the speeds of the music, never descending into a downright mess, just teetering on the edge of chaos. I think they'd be a sight to behold live.

Lets face it. Honeywell happened, what, 10 years ago? It's about time that screamo bands from the past couple of years realised it was time to do something a bit different with that sound. And Racebannon leads the charge. Total warped genius, I love this band.

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