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See You In Earth

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Carcrash
Reviewed by Mike Whelan on Jun 13, 2007
Svenson are from Sweden, and sound a bit like my favourite Swedish band Buck. ‘See You In Earth’ is their first album; an attempt to mix punk-rock with electronica, and as you might expect, it does sound a little odd.

It’s difficult to find easy comparisons to Svenson, especially if you haven’t heard of Buck. Essentially they sound a little like 80s act The Cure, but their sound is heavier and more guitar-based. A good modern comparison would be former Braid man Chris Broach’s new project, The Firebird Band, or Blur guitarist Graham Coxon’s solo work.

‘See You In Earth’ isn’t a long album, only 11 tracks and a shade under 40 minutes. Having said this, listening to it does seem like a hard slog. There are some pretty good tracks, like opener ‘Don’t Get Lost’ or ‘A Queen’s Made Me’, both tight, noisy ‘songs’. But other tracks aren’t up to scratch, ‘Tonight’, for example, sounds like a sub-standard Beatles throwaway b-side, while penultimate track, ‘Let Me Go’, is just annoying and repetitive. The best track, which does go some way towards making up for the dull moments, and for which Svenson deserve an award, is ‘Fuck Lacan and Also Freud’, which opens with a manic laugh before exploding into some great guitar-riffing.

While ‘See You In Earth’ has its occasional great moments, there are a few tracks on here that let the rest of the songs down. I don’t usually listen to music like this, (which might explain my approach to the review) and the only thing I’ve ever heard which was similar was ‘The Golden D’ by Graham Coxon. Svenson deserve points for originality, and even more for their energy, but these two things are not quite enough to rescue ‘See You In Earth’.

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