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Voice This Sound

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Inverse
Reviewed by Mike Whelan on Jun 13, 2007
Compilations eh? Don’t you just love em? Twenty-odd songs all crammed onto a CD, about fifteen bands you’ve never heard of, all liberally sprinkled with the odd “unreleased” track by a vaguely famous band, just to convince you to buy it. Or maybe I’m being too cynical.

Voice This Sound is Inverse Records’ (run by Pop Unknown singer/guitarist Joel Ganucheau) first release. A 22 track compilation of post-hardcore, pop-punk, indie-rock and emo songs from tons of different bands. It manages to be pretty diverse, songs range from the Boy Sets Fire-meets-Get Up Kids ‘Betting All I Have’ by Recover, through the pop-punk of ‘When I’m With You I’m OK’ by Ultimate Fakebook, to the acoustic softness of ‘Dear Shannon’ by Time Spent Driving.

Most of the tracks come from albums or EP’s that are already available, but a few bands chip in with the odd unreleased track, such as Red Animal War’s 5-minute effort, ‘Did You See it in the Sky?’ and Tess Wiley’s ‘How Does Silence Feel’. These are two of the best tracks on the CD, showcasing some of the talent which these artists have.

Despite the fact that I usually dislike compilations for the reasons that I noted at the start, I do actually quite like this. There are a fair few cracking songs here, ‘B-Sides’ by Pop Unknown (one of the best tracks from their new album) and ‘Looking For Mothers’ by Jump Rope Girls, being two such examples which have convinced me to follow up my interest in the bands.

If your musical tastes lean towards the “poppier” side of punk and emo music then this should really appeal to you. If you don’t like this sound then it would be probably best to keep clear, as this compilation is unashamedly showcasing some of the best bands making this style of music at the moment.

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