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Car Crash Sleep - The Jukebox Scenario


Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Carmen Diablo
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This one turned up for review, and I was mulling over it. I quite liked the Jukebox Scenario from before but wasn't too excited. Then I put on the Car Crash Sleep side and just sat back and was promptly blown away. Their two songs on here are just fantastic - bringing to the party some full bore emo / hardcore. Desparing, wrenched vocals poured out over a tightly wound chaos and thick grooves. It's some of the best stuff I have heard in this style in ages, I really can't even think of who to compare it to! I think if you like Saetia and Shotmaker, then you will lap this up, and really, their music is as good as that comparison suggests. Totally explosive and frenetic, things build and reach crescendo's, spirallying out of control beautifully at times. Well, these guys are Spanish and I am sure not many people will have heard of them yet. And that's a shame. Wow. Really special. Someone else put stuff out by this great band!

The Jukebox Scenario are German, and they are a touch more straight forward. Their song starts off with a wandering, downbeat melodic intro that is kind of Engine Down-ish - it sounds sombre and the vocals are distant. They then start winding things up into a more urgent song with mathy-rhythms and screamy vocals, bringing to mind Four Hundred Years. It kind of drifts on for a little while without ever picking up too much urgency. Not bad, but nothing incredible.

Anyways, check this split out to hear the excellent Car Crash Sleep, go for it!

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