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Lost Songs

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Stonehenge - Rice Control
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
The only thing I'd ever heard by Rachel before was on that awesome CD that came out a while back on Le Brun, Le Roux with Peu Etre and Cather Matha, so I was more than a little eager to get hold of this little charmer.

In a bid for the laziest reviewing ever, I'd say that Rachel have that patented "French emo sound" that I love so much, as played by the likes of Peu Etre, Jasmine, Anomie, Weep and a handful of other corking acts that no one really seems to care too much about. For a comparison for all you US of Aophiles out there I'd make mention of bands like Constatine Sankathi or the Spirit of Versailles, but maybe I'm just wallowing in a tarpit of obscurity there. The music is generally pretty, jangly and rarely distorted, building up into a crescendo of passionate noise, garnished with hoarsely screamed vocals that are delivered with such conviction that you feel sure that the singer must bust a rib or two just yelling them out. Stark, simple and beautiful, but a record you'll probably ignore because the lyrics are in French and speaking English makes people lazy, oblivious to most records that aren't topped with an American accent.

Awesome songs released by two great labels. Two thumbs up and a hearty recommendation. Heed my words.

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