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This Et Al

Everything’s Irrelevant And No Idea’s Original

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Mike Whelan on Jun 13, 2007
How apt. A demo title that describes the content of something you’re about to hear. Unless of course This Et Al knew everyone who reviewed their demo would say that and they’re just having a joke. I think it’s called postmodernism or something. To think I nearly fell for it.

Actually, it’s a bit mean to accuse This Et Al of being unoriginal, although they do sound a bit like Radiohead, oh, and not to forget Muse – but the Bradford outfit bring a heavier sound to proceedings. Imagine Muse meets Kids Near Water, playing in a smelly club, loudly, and you’re some of the way there.

Of course with only three tracks on offer it’s never a simple effort to try and pin down the sound of a band. Opener ‘Police Officer’ is probably the best song on offer, and also the most Muse-like in content. ‘Common Science’ and ‘Transmit the Ends’ are both messier affairs – layered and thrashy with plenty of grit. With different vocals the second and third tracks could almost sound like Fugazi or Hoover, being, as they are, more post-hardcore than potential chart-core.

Overall, this is pretty strong. This Et Al don’t do anything stupid across these three tracks, like try to rap or something (maybe we’ll have to wait for an album), and with better production this could have been even better. Opener ‘Police Officer’ is worth the admission alone, depending on what they charge, and shows enough promise to make chasing up any future efforts worthwhile. For a band who sound like Muse, they ain’t half bad.

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