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Burns Out Bright

Distance And Darkness

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Deep Elm
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Careful now, don’t get confused – this is not the emo band Burned Out Bright who have a split 7” with Die, Emperor! Die! Rather an unbelievably cheesy MTVmo band with a generic vocalist on Deep Elm. Wow. This is a total cheesefest, from the clean and crunchy introductory Texas is the Reason style guitars, to the all-American singing that is so cliché, and the whiney harmonies that are just *bursting* with so much whine that surely they visited the vineyards of France to record this! Not to mention the stop-start Get Up Kids riffs and unsurprising twinkly parts. Oh doctor. They simply refuse to leave anything predictable out. Burns Out Bright have read the bible on how to be a mainstreamo band and are intent on preaching it word for word. Oh wait, now they are doing the oh-so-emotional-I-am-going-to-cut-my-nose-off-if-you-tell-me-you-don’t-love-me-any-more SCREAMS that go into pop-punk parts! I love that! Fuck yeah!

I’m an arse. Burns Out Bright will appeal to the many who enjoy the cleanliness of this particular genre, the fact that it is noisy and yet cute at the same time really makes it perfect for them as their parents will not appreciate it (I know I wouldn’t if I had kids, actually, I think this is the kind of music my kids will listen to when they want to rebel because they would know it pisses me off so much), and that it’ll be the kind of thing they can play their awestruck boy/girlfriend who they attend Thursday shows with. Either way I am just a fucking old bastard who is way too cynical to appreciate music like this.

Personally I find this horrific, but it is well played, well produced and will deservedly prove very popular within its genre. Fair do’s.

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