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Better than a Thousand


Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Super Soul
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

i picked this up from reflections recently after seeing it by chance as i had no idea it even existed. better than a thousand was a sort of side project all star type group, featuring as they did ex members of youth of today, shelter, battery, damnantion ad etc...., all great bands of thier day (the damnation ad lp on rev is a genuinely interesting diversion for those bored with the lame 'metalcore' saturation.)

until i got this i had only previously heard this bands first album released through rev some years ago which i enjoyed but for some reason i never had the inkling to pick up the follow up lp (released on epitaph europe no less), i guess with these type of bands often if you have on of their lps you have them all, however i'm pleased i finally heard it, while inevitably not a massive departure it is still a strong passionate hardcore record that doesn't resort to too many cliches and pleasingly has little metal influence, and, even more pleasingly, lacks the cartoon/cheese elemant of much of ray cappo's work over the years.

at 27 or so songs some might consider it something of a slog but it's actually probably one of the few discog cds of this type of band i can happily sit through in it's entirity and enjoy/fingerpoint/shout "go!" alot too, which should be recommendation enough, frankly.........

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