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Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: Bug - Dischord
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
Antelope are, I think, members (or has a member) of the fantastic This Heat soundalikes El Guapo. Their new band sound pretty good, similar to El Guapo in the same way that they very much like old experimental punk rock like This Heat, Gang of Four, Cabaret Voltaire as well as Dischord bands like Q and not U and Fugazi.

The first track is so short, much too short in fact, that it's hard to get into. It's got some weird guitar parts and is quirky in the same way Deerhoof are but more post-punk sounding.

The second side is a lot better and is a lot like El Guapo stuff mixed with a little bit of that first Q and not U 7".

Overall a pretty good 7", it's not as amazing as it looks but it's pretty fucking cool.

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