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Burst And Bloom

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Saddle Creek
Reviewed by David Hillier on Jun 13, 2007
Heeeeey!!! My first Collective review! Time to crack open the old champers!!!

I'm pretty new to Omaha's Cursive. I've heard their name in passing a few times, but never really felt motivated enough to check them out. They were tour support for the mind-numbingly dull 'Appleseed Cast' recently. I caught them in Derby, although to be quite honest, I was only really there to see my friends band 'The Little Explorer'. Anyway, Cursive were on second. It's safe to say, their set pretty much blew my face off, so I felt obliged to buy their new five track ep.

'Burst and Bloom' is pretty damn impressive. Dark, discordant, emotional, experimental stuff, much akin to Fugazi and Modest Mouse is what is on show here. This isn't your average, generic, throwaway indie/emo rock cd. This is something far more special. For the new ep, Cursive brought a cello player into the ranks. The sound of the cello does wonders thickening up the sound. You can't help but sit back with your eyes closed, and feel it drift through your senses (cheesy emo, deep elm description or what?. heh! But it's true!) Incorporation of a hip-hop beat into a indie rock song? Nah, wouldn't have thought that would work, but the opening track 'The Great Decay' tells a different story.

From the first listen, Burst and Bloom gripped me firmly by the balls, and wouldn't let go. Hmm... Must check out the earlier stuff asap.

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