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Grabass Charlestons - Billy Reese Peters


Year Released: 2002
Format: LP
Label: No Idea Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I haven't picked up anything on No Idea in a little while but I wanted to get hold of the Army of Ponch LP that has just come out. To bulk up the order I decided I'd pick up this split LP too, it sounded quite good from the description though I wasn't expecting to be quite as blown away by this as I was. I've not heard of either of these bands, but they both appear to be Floridian. Both play punk rock, and neither sounds like a 5th rate version of Hot Water Music (thank fucking god!!!), which is straight away a plus point.

Grabass take the first side of this rather neato looking orange slab of wax, and they are a 3 piece that play energetic and slightly rough melodic punk rock. It's very much in the style of Dillinger Four's 'This Shite Is Genius' crossed with the first Broadways LP. It's got roughed up vocals (from their drummer, he sounds vaguely Irish - not sure if this is put on or not) and catchy riffing and drummage supplying the boost. It's incredibly anthemic and very much has a sing-a-long-get-fucking-drunk-and-have-a-good-time feel. They have a song called "I'm So Happy, I Could Shit". And the intro to "Galaga (Wizard)" sounds exactly like a D4 song. Anyways, their entire side is catchy as fuck, and better than the disappointing 2nd D4 LP if I may say so.

Billy Reese Peters are also playing punk rock, but not quite so poppily. For starters they seem to have a bit of a Rites of Spring thing going on at time in the vocals on a few of the tracks - it really makes me think of some of the stuff on the Shivering CD. They a slightly more hardcore sound than Grabass, and "Girlfriend Is A Pirate" kicks things off in an Avail type fashion, big rocking guitars and a lot of power. After that they really rock out the awesome Rites-ish vocals on "Busses". "If You Came South on 75" is super catchy and has country flavoured guitars mixed in with the punk, as does the awesome "What's Up Ding Dong" that even has harmonica on it.

In a time where it seems punk rock bands would rather fake sensitivity and feign emo-ness, this record oozes sincerity and shines like a beacon. I love this to bits, and if you buy it on CD you are an idiot.

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