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The Cache

Selected Works 00-01

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Deleted Art
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
This cd has been in possession for more than 4 months now (which officially makes me 4 months more cooler than you! Haha!) and it's about time the world knows about it!

These super gorgeous kids are based in Sweden and they have 'upgraded' from a three piece to a 5 piece. Here we have 8 tracks in total. The first half recorded in May 2001 and the latter recorded in April 2000. Chronologically, they have moved to sounding more "goth". (Now my knowledge of goth music is very limited.) It's definitely not like Marilyn Manson nor is it like Sisters of Mercy nor The Cure. (Or like what my mate said, "This is goth without the gloom.") Indeed Max's vocals are deep and daunting and he carries it off really well. I guess you could shelf them together with The VSS or The Slaves even. Personally, I prefer their earlier recordings as they're more original. Lots of groove and very dancey especially 'Air' which is my super way favourite. The bass lines are really rockin' and it's structured differently as compared to other tracks. 'Air' would fit with The Faint's 'Blankwave Arcade' perfectly. Melody provides back up vocals on some tracks which is good too. Lyrically, they're genius and so is their art. Fabulous stuff.

They're supposedly to have a split release with Electrosleep International but I guess Radio One flaked out. But nevermind. A split 7" with The New Mess should be out really soon. So please check the Deleted Art website for updates and other news. It will be very much worth your time.

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